i’m pet sitting.
one cat, one dog.
the cat? he’s old and isn’t much work. he’ll hop up on the bed and ‘kneed dough’ and purr and want some attention, then be on his way.
the dog? she’s a puppy. she’s like a black and white dingo. no kidding, same size and looks just like the ones i’ve seen down under. she’s much more work than the cat. constant attention, she gets wound up and wants to go nuts tugging on a knotted piece of rag. i left her in the house for a few hours last night while i went out. she’d been taken out for a bit before hand and had done her business. i figured i could leave her inside with the run of the house and not worry. i’ve had her a week and no accidents yet. big mistake. now i have a nice pee stain near the table in the dinning room.
it was fun the first few days but now i can’t wait to see the mut gone. don’t get me wrong, i love the dog, but i just can’t handle my space being invaded like this. not to mention having to actually THINK about taking care of someone else.
at 3 am, she started barking. after i got her to quiet down, i started thinking about how appropriate caring for a dog is before deciding to have children. based on the past 5 days, i’m sure i’m not ready. not even near ready. maybe i’m too self centered. maybe i’m getting to the point where i’ve lived without having to worry about caring for someone else that i’ve passed a point of no return. sure i’m good with kids. i’ve taken care of my niece and nephew quite a bit and we get on great. but i would be relieved when i got to go home to my quiet place without the distractions of wee ones running around soiling themselves.
how selfish am i? hahah