t, over on the neener forums, just posted a story about a doctor who had his head severed in a freak elevator accident.
Hitoshi Nikaidoh
yes, it’s a tradgedy. a search on google reveals that this doctor was a superb individual in his care for patients. but it’s not his death that prompts me to post. it’s the situation of the lady that witnessed it that disturbs me.
she watched the doctor while the elevator severed his head and then was subsequently stuck in the elevator for near a half hour with the head. no duh, she was treated for shock. my question would be, did she interact with the head? cry towards it? pray for it? talk to it? touch it? i mean, what if the eyes and the mouth were still open, just staring at her? did she cower in a corner and turn away from it? or did she close the eyelids and shut the mouth? did she get any blood spatter on her? if so, did she launder the clothes to wear them another day, or discard them?
yes, i can imagine the horror or the nightmares she must have as a result of it, but something inside me has this morbid curiosity towards the event. i wonder how someone would deal with that…