working on a fairly large project here at work, one that has a set ‘go live’ date of jan 5, 2004, but the project will have much work to do until late into next year. i’m finding more and more of the project responsibilities are falling on my shoulders. yeah, i’m up to the task, but the overwhelming scope and massive amounts of work to be done are daunting. one of my co-workers states ‘i’ll put in 18 hour days until this is done’ and often sings ‘no sleep till brooklyn’, substituting ‘brooklyn’ with ‘go live’. well, that sentiment is great, if you understand the work to be done AND you’re competent enough to do it.
maybe i’m a control freak, maybe i don’t trust my co-workers, but i’m beginning to feel like the only one that actually sees the big picture of the project, and the only one who understands all the nuances.
it’s draining
maybe i’ll go for a run