bob over on the neener forums was posting a rebuttal to all the primerica bashing that was going on. he closed his post with this statement.
yea….go get a job, have fun making someone elses dreams come true. i’ll meet you in 20years and we see who has won.
since when is life a ‘contest’ to see who ended up with the most money? it really seems that affluenza has consumed us.
me? i make a great salary, and i’m fortunate to work at a job that would otherwise be a hobby. but to be honest, i’d rather work as a docent in colonial williamsburg, teaching history to the tourists…or as a plumbers assistant down in the antarctic research stations…or as a pumpkin farmer in christchurch, nz.
to focus your life on money and what it can buy is sad. i’d much rather give up the affluence and do something meaningful. meaningful in the sense that you interact on a personal level, not this cop-out of giving wealth to charities.
everything is so physical, not only physical but immediately physical. give me that object NOW. our goals are completely focused on what we can ‘get’ and how soon we can ‘get it’. when you get a raise, what is the first thought that goes through your mind? ‘how can i spend it on me’, not ‘wow, this will really help me with buying food for the local soup kitchen’.
we’ve lost our touch with the important and lasting elements of life. interaction with family and friends, involvement in the community, caring for the sick and poor. when was the last time you hung out with the people in your immediate sphere of influence? have you had your neighbors over for dinner lately? have you bbq’ed for your block? visited the local old folks home? how about pulled over on the freeway to help out a driver?
next time you’re one of the hundreds of drivers flying past the lady with the flat tire on the highway, just think about this.
next time you’re spending hundreds of dollars on that new DVD player, just think about this.
next time you’re sitting at home all weekend watching television rather than getting some sun and fresh air, just think about this.
next time you’re calling someone a loser for not making as much money as you, just think about this.