at last, they’re gone.
don’t get me wrong. i love them. i love them like you should love your parents. my mother and i are still very close, and dad still treats me like his little girl (which is fun when we go shopping, he still makes us stop for ice-cream).
they’re whiners. they whine about the price of things here in the states. they whine about how everyone has a car. they whine about how far everything is. they whine about the culture. they whine about how everyone is consumed by buying stuff. they whine about how everyone drinks bottled water. they whine about there being no pubs. they whine about the quality of our wine.
yes, i have to agree with them on virtually every point, but after a while it gets very old and i just either want them to shut up, or go away. having old world values instilled in me from my youth makes feel like each one of those points is valid. i don’t like the materialism and affluenza here in america. i wish i had a neighborhood pub to go to after work for a nice social drink. i wish public transportation was more feasible. yes, i agree with each of those points. some even violently. but when my parents start harping on them as if it was my fault, because of the simple fact that i live here, it gets old really fast. i end up feeling like i have to defend the country that i’m residing in. and that ticks me off.
don’t get me wrong, i love america. i wouldn’t have sought citizenship if that wasn’t the case. but lately, the things i see prominent don’t jive with my values. oh, wait, i’m getting off topic. my parents are gone. no more impromptu visits. no more late night television when i have to work at dark thirty in the morning. no more long conversations about growing up. no more home cooked meals. no more hugs from pop.
i sure do miss my folks.