Karen and I
i went hiking this past weekend in el moro canyon with some friends. the sun was out, there was a cool breeze and the ocean looked great. that is really one of the things i enjoy about spending time down here. the coast is so close and there’s plenty of hiking to be had around here. don’t get me wrong, i like strolling the countryside back home, and the mountains around seattle are a joy as well, but there is something special about the coastal hills in s. california.
sage, buckwheat, sticky monkey flower, they’re all there in abundance. you get that great breeze off of the ocean with a faint smell of salt, mixed with the musky smells of the scrub. it’s such a pleasant change from the exhaust fumes on the highway or the freon smell of an air conditioned office. duh, you say. yes, i know i’m stating the obvious. i just wanted to re-live it for a moment while i wrote this post.
call me wierd, i even like the dusty, sweaty way i feel when i finish a hike. i’m more soiled than a day at work, but being outdoors dirty is different than a day at work dirty.