i go to the local barnes & noble on occasion to read and work on my laptop in their cafe. the one by my place in ca has wireless access, so i’m able to browse the internet and work on web related stuff there. usually, it’s some sort of technology text that i have out, and it’s usually code up on my screen, rather than a webpage.
there are a few faces that are familiar in there. mostly college students and retirees. a couple nice looking guys will occasionally come in though, so it’s not all bland.
the other day, i was there and had picked up some works by poe to read through, for old times sake. i was reading through ‘the cask of amontillado’, had the laptop on and i decided to do my post on stereotypes. so, i’ve got some gothic authors spread out on the table and i’m banging away on the keyboard. one of the good looking regulars happens to be in there…i only noticed because he walked by a couple times and we smiled once.
a side note, i’m so lame about noticing guys. i date so rarely with all the traveling i do, i don’t even bother to pay attention much anymore.
anyway, i’d been there for well over an hour and finally this guy, we’ll call him mike, comes over and asks if he can sit down. haha, how shocked am i! mike looks like he’s in his mid 30’s, in decent shape, clean cut, good looking. with great eyes and an infectious smile. you see where i’m going, right?
he’s got a steven ambrose novel, a book on php (wrox press i think) and a biography of hannibal (the tactician, not lechter). he mentions that he noticed i was reading poe and that it caught his eye. the whole stereotype thing begins to fall into place. he says that he wouldn’t expect someone like me to be reading something so dark. i laugh and say that impressions can be deceiving. i’m such a schoolgirl at this point. i explained very briefly that i was working on a blog entry about stereotypes and that i used to read poe when i was younger.
we talked for a good 30 minutes and then he asked me out. he asked me out. let me say that again, he asked me out. not even for dinner or a movie, but he put it this way, “let me surprise you, trust me, it’ll be something fun”. okay, girls, i know you’re thinking, “but you don’t know this guy from adam and you’re going to let him take you on a date that you can’t plan for?”. well, i like adventure, and let me remind you, he asked me out.
so we’re going out this sunday. he said to be prepared to be outdoors all day, but that i don’t have to dress for any specific activity. it’s funny. you can really tell when a guy is interested. i think he’s wanting to impress me with something unique. he must think he needs a gimmick or a hook, which is funny because, well, he asked me out.
anyway, i’m all giddy and excited. i even got my hair done. haha…
i’ll post about the date sunday night…keep your fingers crossed.