well, we went out. we had a great time. we looked at flowers all day. what more can a girl ask for? mike (that is what we’re calling him, right?) picked me up early on sunday and took me up to pasadena? to the la arboretum. i had heard about it before, but this was my first time there. not only are there numerous gardens to wander through, but there were quite a few varieties of birds. and peacocks!
a side note, i didn’t know that this was where the start of the fantasy island series was filmed. mike had to run around the front steps of the rose garden cottage shouting ‘de plane, de plane’. it was quite silly.
anyway, we spent most of the time just walking and talking, and then sitting under the trees talking, and then walking and talking some more. all together, we spent about 6 hours together and not once was there a lull in the conversation. he’s great about that, he was constantly asking me questions and was very interested in my background. at one point it was almost uncomfortable because i felt like i was doing all the talking. but then again, that’s good for my ego. hehe
well i’d go into detail about mike, but i’ll save that for later if he turns out to be a keeper.
we’re going out again later this week, so i’ll have another update by the weekend.