mike is really bucking for a promotion. we met for lunch last week, but didn’t go out on another ‘date’ until thursday night. i had the afternoon off, so mike met me shops at mission viejo. he’s really been paying attention and he showed up with a gift in hand. it turned out to be a selection of luna bars. they’re similar to cliff bars or power bars, but the flavors are pure heaven. they could be decadent, but see, they’re for ‘active lifestyles’, so i can eat them like candy. hehe anyway, i had mentioned that they make me weak in the knees. mike, in his ever attentive state, picked up on that. i should mention that i really like the way jaguars handle and that i’ve always wanted one. oh, and that huge diamonds make me melt.
of course, i jest. mike is turning out to be a very sweet guy, pun intended. whether he’s putting on a front just to impress me, or if this is his real personality, it’s hard to tell. either way, i really don’t care at this point. he’s showering me with attention and it feels good. now, he’s not fawning all over the place like some sort of noodle that needs to resort to tricks and baubles. he’s very genuine in his interest and his attentiveness.
i guess it just goes to show that not all guys are neanderthals. not that neaderthals are bad, mind you…