just when i’d about sworn off guys all-together, really decent ones start showing up all over the place. i’m back up in seattle this week, i flew in on saturday night. so, sunday morning, i headed out to marymoor to do my run at the burt gilman trail. i took my climbing gear, since the structure there at the park is always fun to boulder on. the last 3 miles of the run, i was pacing off a guy on a mountain bike with an arcteryx pack. a rope was showing from under the straps and he had a pair of boreals hanging from the outside, obviously a climber. he was riding slow enough that i was able to catch him, pass him, then play tag with him for the end of my run. he actually said ‘tag, you’re it’ at one point when he passed me. it was fun and kinda flirty.
anyway, i headed to my car and cleaned up a bit, then grabbed my shoes and chalk bag and headed over to the climbing structure. i bouldered around a bit, and when my forearms got pumped, i just wandered around watching the other climbers. at one point, i was standing near where mr mountainbike was sitting, watching a guy free one of the larger pillars. the climber took a slide and would have come all the way down, if he’d not held on with one hand. it elicited a collective gasp from everyone watching. mr. mountainbike made a comment about free soloing, a negative comment, that is. free soloing is one of my hotspots. i don’t care how cool of an adrenaline junkie you think you are, freeing is just plain stupid. the rock could fail, a gust of wind could come up, any number of uncontrollable variables and if you fall, you die. that’s just stupid. well, mr. mountainbike and i start talking about how free-soloing is natural selection for climbers, etc.
mr. mountainbike is solo, and just bouldering too, but he’s got his harness and a rope, so he asks if i want him to belay me on a couple routes. i agree and we ended up doing a range of 5.8-5.10b routes, just enough to exhaust me. so, then mr. mountainbike asks if i want to grab something to eat, which was quite funny, seeing as how he was on a bike. again, i agree and we threw his bike on the thule and off we went to the issaquah brew house. my arms were noodles and i felt like a dork trying to drive around the lake. we spent a couple hours there eating and talking. turns out mr. mountainbike has a hydro engineering degree and is working on the watershed project up on tiger mt. he actually bikes from redmond to the backside of tiger for work several times a week. well, it shows, and giddy me actually said so.
it started to get late, but mr. mountainbike wouldn’t let me drive him home. he wanted the exercise and headed off to bike around the lake back to redmond. what a stud. we’re going to head up to mt si on tuesday if the weather holds.
so. now i have mr. mountainbike here in seattle, a clean cut, athletic guy, educated. and, mike, down in la, sensitive, attentive and looking like a calvin klein model. i don’t like juggling. i don’t think it’s fair, and it makes me feel secretive. i think i’ll just date casually, unless one of them shows some real promise. at that point i promise to stop seeing the other. really.