i’ve climbed quite a bit in washington, but how did i miss mt si? mr. mountainbike picked me up (yes, in a car) and we hiked up to world wall and did quite a few routes up along the cliff. my hands down favorite was called reptiles and amphetamines. it was this great overhaning route with very sharp, juggy type holds. very challenging mentally, but it was pretty solid for the entire climb. mr. mountainbike is a great climbing partner too. he gives fantastic beta while i’m up on the route. when he gives an instruction, or tells me where a good foothold is, the way he describes it makes sense. i didn’t even realize it until i got home and was thinking about the other guys that i’ve climbed with. they would always give directions based on their perspective, where as mr. mountainbike seemed to give the directions from my perspective.
okay, so enough about the climbing, which, let me mention again, was some of the best i’ve done in washington. that one crag was almost as much fun as going out to the gorge along the columbia river. anyway, mr. mountainbike. hmmm, what can i say about this guy? well, for one, he’s sarcastic. no, no, not in a bad way. more in a dry sense of humor sort of way. he kept throwing out all of these really witty, but subtly sarcastic comments. some of them would take me a minute to get, and they would be hilarious. i guess i’m just not used to intelligent humor from men.
he’s very fit too. did i mention how athletic he is? did i mention that i told him i thought so too? haha, just call me a giddy schoolgirl. i belayed him on two 5.11’s. he went up them just like a monkey. he was so fluid to watch. each move he made flowed into the next. even if he wasn’t a great guy, that type of climbing is mesmerizing. oh, did i mention he took his shirt off for some of the later climbs? hehe…in his defense, it was VERY humid out and his tank top was drenched by the time we got done with the hike up to the cliff.
well, i’m only here in seattle for another week, so i’m not sure if i’ll have time to see him again before i head back to la. i hope i do, mr. mountainbike is addictive.