my life seems to be completely bi-polar. yesterday was a ray of sunshine, a rare gift, the sweetest honey.
today? wastewater, rancid, funk.
i head into the clients office this morning, skip in my step, song on my heart, smile on my face. the first meeting of the day goes fairly well. the team i’m working with right now is very difficult to control. one of them has a hard time staying focused and will drift off topic very easily, and another has a way of wandering into discussing personal hygiene issues. so, saying that it went fairly well means that we finished the meeting within 30 minutes of our stopping time with all the topics hit.
so, we’ve got this gameplan that is ‘carved in stone’. everyone agrees on the plan and how we’re going forward with the plan. we’ve discussed the plan numerous times, with constant reinforcing that the plan is ‘carved in stone’. yes, we’ve used those exact words. problem is, as each person from the team submits their work to me, it’s wildly outside of the plan.
no, maam, 3 steps does not mean 2. no, sir, 1 file does not mean 4. no, again, 3 steps does not mean 6.
so, i’m getting very irritated with the whole situation. to come into face this sort of ineptitude after having such a physically and mentally stimulating day yesterday is frustrating. hmm, maybe i can make a living out of dating mr. mountainbike.
anyway, i have the laptop set up in my cube here, banging away on code, mp3 player running in the background and headphones on. and the chameleons come up in the rotation. swamp thing. something about the track catches my attention so i listen to the lyrics a little more closely…
Picking up the pieces
Half alive in a nine ’til five
Vacant eyes
Is it any wonder?
Primal scream at the TV screen
Close your eyes
Now the world is too much with me
Please leave, just go away
Before I lose my mind completely
Just leave, please go now
Now nothing’s sacred anymore
When the demon’s breaking down your door
You’ll still be staring down at the floor
Not too many hours from this hour
So long?
Now the storm has come
Or is it just another shower?
mr nail head, meet mr hammer.