i went down to marymoore to do my run after such a ridiculous day. i could tell that i was stressed, as my shins acted up within the first few miles. oxygen. it’s amazing how your body becomes oxygen starved when it is under stress. i’ve read quite a few studies on how the body is affected by stress and how oxygen comes into play with stress. but, that is a whole other topic for another day.
so, i drop my pace down a little bit and focused on my breathing. i was pretty oblivious to what was going on around me. i was deep in thought about the day, and focusing on calming my racing mind and reducing the pain developing in my legs. when i hear a voice say, ‘tag, you’re it’.
i look over my shoulder and there is mr. mountainbike, pacing off of me on his bike. apparently, he knew that i did my nightly runs on the burt gilman trail (i’m sure i mentioned it to him) and since he was riding home that way from work, he cruised around the park, waiting for me to show up. so, completely distracted from my legs and the crappy day i’d had, mr. mountainbike and i ran/rode together for the last 4 miles of my run. he started making fun of me, in a flirty way, of course. he was poking fun at the way i was running, my speed, the colour of my outfit. i nearly had to stop running at one point because i was laughing so hard. i nearly cried too, i was so happy to have him there. it had been such a rough day, it was nice to be laughing with someone. especially mr. mountainbike.
so, we threw his bike on the thule rack again and this time went over to redmond town center to the new pizza schmizza resturaunt. he asked about the project i’m working on and i dumped on him. i vented, ranted and got violent in my description. ugh. i didn’t mean to pour out that much, but it just felt right, not to mention good to get it off my chest. he listened the whole time with a smirk. by the time i’d finished my tirade, we were both giggling. just laughing about the situation put it in perspective. the whole thing was pretty trivial and i was just letting it get to me.
he let me drop him off this time, since it was dark by the time we finished eating. i got out of the car to help him with getting the bike off the rack. i said goodnight, and he gave me a hug. so i pecked him on the cheek. mmm…it felt good. i guess it had been some time since a guy hugged me, other than my dad or brother. mmm…re-living it now.
yeah, it felt good.