so i picked up some smoked salmon chowder in gilman village on sunday. mr. mountainbike insisted that i try it. he claimed it was the best thing since sliced bread. yes, he used that term. anyway, i made the bold move of suggesting that i cook it for him and have him over for dinner monday night. he agreed and even offered to bring some bread (which turned out to be some roasted garlic sourdough – yummy).
mr. mountainbike showed up at my place shortly after i got home from my client. i was still in my work outfit when he showed up, and felt kind of funny saying, ‘let me slip into something more comfortable’. it at least got a laugh out of both of us. no, i didn’t put on a teddy. now that i think of it, i actually slipped into a comfortable pair of hiking shorts and one of my numerous race t-shirts. how un-sexy.
i came out of the bedroom and mr. mountainbike had the monday night football game on the television, and he was in the kitchen slicing up his bread. i mention the game, because it was on the whole time he was here, and i didn’t catch him once being distracted by anything that was going on. let’s hope that it was because the conversation and the food was so stimulating, and not because he didn’t care for either team. hehe
we talked and joked quite a bit while making the dinner. the chowder was super easy to make, and all i can say is, ‘wow’. we both noticed the conversation stop completely once we started eating it. i don’t think either of us said anything until our bowls were empty. it was that good. seabear was the brand…i have to give them a plug. it was that good.
we started talking about life topics. what our goals are, top 10 things we wanted to accomplish in life, what we look for in a mate. the basic, ‘i think you’re groovy, but are we really compatible’ type questions. he was passing with flying colours too. he’s looking at continuing his education and eventually teaching at the university level. he’s actually in line to take over the watershed project and has talked to some of the goverment agencies about positions in olympia overseeing larger hydro projects. oh, and he wants to back-pack in new zealand as well as visit the antarctic research stations.
should i pack my bags now? hehe
he’s not too big on running, but he said he’d bike along with me any day of the week. i asked him if he could substitute ‘any’ with ‘every’. looks like i may have a new riding/running partner. he also said that he’d cheer for me any time i did a race. after sunday, i can only imagine what he’d do for my next marathon.
so, i head down to la again this saturday. i’ve been thinking alot about the whole travel for work thing. i wonder if i could swing spending more time up here and just work remotely for the office in la. i’m not sure how that would go over, but i think i’ll broach the topic next week and see what they say. sheesh, i’ve only known this guy for a week and i’m already talking about changing my work schedule so i can be up here more! just how lonely was i?
oh, and then there’s mike. mike? mike who?