mr. mountainbike and i on the olympic peninsula
‘wow’ is all i can say. i’ve spent quite a bit of time in the cascades here in washington and the sierras in california, but i’d never experienced the mountains AND the beach together. again, all i can say is ‘wow’. when mr. mountainbike shot down my idea for hiking up around snoqualmie, i wasn’t sure that he could top that, unless we went to ranier (and it was snowing above 5k feet – so that was out of the question). when we headed toward seattle and then south on the 5, i was stumped and had no idea where we were going, until we turned out toward the coast.
i’ve wanted to go to the olympics for a while now. i’ve heard stories about the rainforests and how the terrain is completely different from the rest of western washington. i made a joke of how it was a good thing that i’d pulled out my expedetion gore-tex, and not some flimsy rain shell. mr. mountainbike spent the drive out there telling me about the rainfall, why there’s so much of it there and how the weather patterns are generated. it was pretty geeky stuff, but he made it really interesting.
waterfall in the rainforest
we spent some time hiking on some of the interpretive trails through rainforest. rainforest! in the northwest! it was pretty darn wet and the rain was really coming down, not in huge raindrops, but a heavy misty rain. we both stayed pretty dry in our rain gear, and it was actually lots of fun splashing through the puddles and mud on the trails.
mr. mountainbike drove us out to the coast too, and we got to walk along a very cool black sand beach. the neatest thing was we got a sun-break while we were out there. oh, that has to be one of my favorite things about the northwest. when the clouds break during a storm you get some of the grandest cloud structures. there were great streaks of light coming down through the clouds, cobalt blue skies through the breaks and fascinating layers of cloud cover. it gave the sky so much depth, it was vertigo inducing to look up at it. i was in heaven.
penis totem pole
as we were driving back, i spotted the wildest looking totem pole i’d ever seen. each of the figures carved on it had a huge penis. i just had to get a shot of it, so i made mr. mountainbike stop just for the photo.
we finished up the day by heading down to main street in issaquah and ate at the flying pie pizza place. yeah, it was junk food, but it sure hit the spot after eating nothing but luna bars and trail mix all day. i tried my first oil based pizza. there wasn’t any tomato sauce on it, and it had feta cheese, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and some other things that i can’t remember. it was really good. much better than i expected it to be. i thought it would be dry without the tomato sauce, but it wasn’t. i didn’t notice any difference, other than the flavor.
so, i’m back in the office today. fortunately, i don’t have any conference calls or meetings with the client today. it’s just me banging away on the keyboard all day. that’s a good thing though, i’d hate to have the memory of yesterday tarnished by a rough day at the office.
oh, and i got another hug out of mr. mountainbike last night. he helped me pull all of my gear out of the car when he dropped me off. that’s really been the extent of our physical relationship, which is good for me. i’m not sure i’m up for anything else at this point. sure, we’ve held hands and he’s put his arm around me at times, but i’ve been kind of stand-offish when there have been situations where something else could have developed. i’m still getting used to just hanging out with a guy, sheesh it’s been so long. haha…i feel so pathetic when it comes to these types of things.
it’s really weird when i think about the stark differences between mr. mountainbike and mike in la. mike and i get along really well, and that seems like a proper courting ritual. mike asks me out, we go out, and then there’s the follow-up call to plan for another date. there’s order to it. but mr. mountainbike, on the other hand, is everywhere. he shows up during my runs, we ended up at the same climbing area, we make plans for virtually every day when we’re together. it’s more like we’re doing life together, rather than dating. he’s more of a partner than a courtier.
hmm…i like that term. partner. it’s usually reserved for same sex relationships, but it’s so appropriate in this case. haha…i should call my mom and tell her that my ‘partner’ and i went hiking yesterday. i could imagine her reacation. ‘mendell! our daughter is a lesbian!’.
now, where’s my phone…