it really has been quite some time since someone has taken me to the airport and seen me off. mr. mountainbike picked me up with plenty of time to spare to get to seatac on time. as we drove to the airport, i had funny visions of billy crystal in ‘when harry met sally’ running through my head. the whole ‘boyfriend dropping off the girlfriend at the airport’ bit had been humoring and discouraging me since mr. mountainbike offered to take me.
i kept picturing us as the couple that billy crystal passes by as they’re kissing and about to miss the final boarding call. so, every thought i had about how the ‘drop off’ would end up was of mr. mountainbike and i at the boarding area. so i was surprised at the look of confusion he gave me when i directed him into the parking structure vs. the departures loop. no, i don’t blame him for thinking that he was just going to drop me off at the ticketing area, and at this point, i still didn’t think that’s what he had in mind.
well, mr. mountainbike didn’t say a thing to the contrary, and we parked in the lot. he grabbed my bag and we headed inside. he went up to the counter with me, and then when i had my boarding pass in hand, he walked with me to the security checkpoint. he even got in line with me. but he never said a word. i guess he was expecting me to say something, either that or he was oblivious to what was going on.
so when we got to the security guard before the metal detector and he asked for OUR boarding passes, i panicked. i realized that this was as far as he could go with me. all this time, i had been picturing him waiting with me at the gate. i realize now that i haven’t had anyone see me off on a flight since before 9/11. in seatac, as i’m sure it is in the rest of the country, only passengers are allowed past the security checkpoint. anyways, i panicked.
all the fun ‘goodbye for now’ scenarios vanished in a stupefied blink at the security guard. i excused us and stepped out of line. i then realized that mr. mountainbike had only planned to drop me off, which makes total sense with all the security going on these days. heh…i really felt like a dork. i stammered a bit trying to apologize for not realizing that he wouldn’t be able to go to the gate with me. and he laughed at me, which made me mad at first. but he gave me a hug and told me that he was really going to miss me. and he held me for a bit. and then he loosened a bit and looked at me. and then we kissed.
i’m trying to be a little dramatic about the whole event, because, well, it really was. see, i get really worked up when i go to the airport. i’m focused, i have to be there early and i don’t let things distract me. so, i was in that mode, but feeling a little discombobulated with mr. mountainbike there. when we stepped out of line and the whole kiss happened, it was like i was removed from my body and felt like i was watching from a distance.
anyway, he let me go and told me to get back in line, and then said, ‘i’m really going to miss you, salomne’. there’s something about when a guy says my name that just makes me melt. no, not, ‘hey salomne’ or ‘what’s happening salomne’, but when it is understood that you’re talking to that person and they use your name for emphasis. all i could respond with was, ‘okay’. haha so i got back into line and waved at him and he went ahead and left.
and here i am on the plane, writing this up on my laptop and i’ve got butterflies.
stewardess, can you get me an airsick bag?