i walked into the office this morning and immediately received a call from one of the directors. it appears that the directors are currently involved in budget planning for next year and they’re re-considering their investment in a new product configurator. she wanted to give me the heads up so that if funding for continuation of this project fell through for next year, i’d have plenty of time to look for other work.
i asked why they were reconsidering the project and the response was that it was becoming more costly to manufacture the products, and they’re having to increase headcount in a couple areas. so, i pointed out that one of the reasons that the product is so costly to manufacture is that there are improper configurations being released to the shop floor and it’s the re-work of the product that is a major money sink. i also pointed out that the planned hiring is in departments that my product configurator has targeted to streamline processes.
okay, i’m not a shy gal when it comes to pointing out logic. but i’m by no means confrontational. i am confident that i have very good social skills. that the director called me in to her office to give me a heads up is a testament to that. so, my speaking out on their oversight in these areas was presented in as polite a fashion as i could muster. i was shocked with the resistance that i received. i’m not sure if she’s the one pushing this decision, or if she was offended that i’d call them on something like this, but regardless, i hit a brick wall.
so, they’re going to get back to me later this week with their final decision regarding the budget. without any more feedback from me. ouch.
look, i’m not here to brag, although, i wouldn’t have a blog for people to read if there wasn’t some sort of ego involved, but ignore that fact for a minute. i’m good at my job. i consider myself one of the few consultants that doesn’t drag projects out and actually provides fantastic solutions on time or well before deadlines. this project is no exception. i’ve had a very difficult team too, and the pilots that i’ve run so far have been overwhelmingly successful.
why then would a company opt to scrap a project that will absolutely streamline an incredibly manual process and instead, hire more people to manage the problems and inefficiencies? ugh. executives boggle my mind.
maybe i just look at things in too much of a 1’s and 0’s light. no grey here…although, if i have to deal with much more of this, i’ll be pre-mature…haha
no, the sky isn’t falling yet, but, hey, henny penny, what was that i felt landing on my head?