mondays are my rest days. so, when i got home after yesterdays blah news at the office, i didn’t have any training to decompress with, no room-mates to chat with, and no thomas kemper’s vanilla cream soda in the fridge. so i gave mr. mountainbike a ring.
he answered the phone, and it sounded like he fumbled it for a moment. his voice kept getting far away and he sounded distracted. so i asked him if he was busy and would rather call me back later. he declined, but still sounded distracted. i pried a little bit and asked if he was watching monday night football. he said no, and i couldn’t hear any television in the background.
he was being secretive a bit, but he had some humor in his voice, so i played along and pried a little more. he confessed that he was trying to clean up a mess and he had glue all over his hands. i pried even more and he finally said that he was working on a ‘craft’. the most i could get out of him was that he was making something for someone. and when he said ‘someone’ he said it in that way that makes you think that someone is you.
i left it at that and we talked a little about my day. i didn’t vent this time, i just explained what had happened. he was supportive of my comments back to the director, so i didn’t feel like i was out of line after talking to him. we didn’t spend too much time on the phone, but that little bit was the pick-me-up i needed.
almost as good as a bottle of thomas kemper’s vanilla cream soda…