i showed up in seattle on friday afternoon an emotional wreck. i used some of my frequent flier miles to head back up for the weekend, since my roomates were going to be out of town this weekend and i really wanted to be around someone to work through the bombshell from work this week. namely, i wanted to be around mr. mountainbike, to be blatantly honest. the whole flight back, i had thoughts about work, relationships and the direction for my life screaming through my head. i was getting caught up in numerous scenarios for each, playing them all out in my head, and getting stressed at all the ‘what if’ situations. i was really letting everything get to me, and as we neared the airport in seattle, i wasn’t even sure why the heck i was flying back for the weekend.
mr. mountainbike hadn’t planned on my being back so soon, but he agreed to pick me up all the same. i had given him the flight number and he told me he’d be circling at the arrivals drive up, waiting for me. so, when i got off the plane, i wasn’t even paying attention to anything at the gate. until someone shouted my name. i turned around and was shocked to see mr. mountainbike at the gate, holding another one of his signs. it was a huge piece of posterboard, with goofy construction paper flowers glued all over it and it said in bubbly construction paper letters, ‘welcome home, sunshine’ – his craft from last monday night.
well, i cried. i ran over to him and hugged him for what seemed like forever. it took me a couple minutes to compose myself. i hadn’t cried that uncontrolably for some time, and it think it was just the floodgates of all the emotions i’d been dealing with all week that spurred it. what i wanted to know though, was how he was able to wait at the gate for me, and then i saw a security guard standing right next to him. apparently one of the security managers was a good friend of his from his college years. he’d secured an escort just to meet me at the gate.
so, that was the start of my great weekend.
mr. mountainbike and i spent virtually every waking hour together. all weekend long. friday night we went out with an italian couple that i know and saw ‘under the tuscan sun’. the movie was pretty decent, but it was even more fun seeing it with my italian girlfriend. she kept pointing out to me all the subtle humor that only someone from italy would get, although the jokes about italian men were not lost on me. hehe
after the movie we went over to barnes & noble and i indulged in picking up a couple books by one of my new favorite authors. i have been fascinated with early american literature for a little while now, and especially with mark twain. i really enjoy his wit and analysis of society. he really captures the culture and had a large part in shaping turn of the century thinking. i found a little known book called, ‘the diaries of adam and eve’. it’s a hilarious look at how the two of them viewed eachother early on. it had me in hysterics as i read the first couple pages and i just had to get it. all of adam’s entries are short, to the point and fairly gruff in their nature, while eve’s entries are flowing, introspective and, um…lengthy. mr. twain nailed it perfectly.
hiking on tiger mt.
saturday it looked like we were going to have decent weather, so mr. mountainbike offered to take me up to the watershed project on tiger mt. for some light hiking. light? haha! now, i’m not a wimp when it comes to exercise or the outdoors, sheesh, my long run this sunday was 14 miles, but that’s on a flat, paved trail. mr. mountainbike took me up some of the steepest, muddiest (which was fun, mind you), most un-used trails on tiger. he wore me out!
hiking on tiger mt.we spent the whole day roaming over the mt with stops at all the great look-out points. he explained all of the projects that they’re working on, which included lots of detail about researching how deforestation affects the water table for all of the citizens of seattle and it’s suburbs. mr. mountainbike makes really technical topics like that seem interesting, or maybe it’s just interesting to hear mr. mountainbike talk about something he’s passionate about. we also talked quite a bit about some decisions i had made last week. i let him know that i didn’t plan on staying in california after this contract is up. he was excited to hear that, saying that he wasn’t sure he could handle having me away for weeks at a time.
sunday was a lazy day. i did my long run in the morning, and pushed myself a little too hard for the last four miles. i spent most of the day on the couch, icing my shins and knees. mr. mountainbike came over with some dvd’s, so we just relaxed, watched movies and talked until it was time to head to the airport again. mr. mountainbike drove me once again, and we avoided the security fiasco by agreeing that he’d just drop me at the departure loop. everything went smooth this time, no panic, with a nice hug and some smooching to top it all off.
sometimes i think too much. i analyze and stew, i create scenarios and stress over situations. i need to take some sage advice from marylin whirlwind and just slow down. just like this weekend.