i take good care of my teeth. i floss daily and brush after meals. i drink water and rarely have sugary soft-drinks. my dentist is always pleased with my teeth and how well i take care of them.
so, now we understand that i don’t have rotten stubs in my mouth.
i had some dental work done on one of my back teeth (a molar?) when i was younger, and after that work i’ve always had a visible crack in the tooth. every new dentist i visited, i’d ask about the crack in the tooth and they always stated that it was nothing to worry about. i always believed them. until i had breakfast this morning.
i make shakes for breakfast. yummy banana, raspberry and orange concoctions with the occasional peach or nectarine thrown in. this morning it was a banana, blackberry, strawberry and orange shake. blackberries have lots of little seeds. lots of little HARD seeds. lots of little HARD seeds that often get stuck in my teeth. well, this morning i bit down on one of those HARD seeds, right on the bum tooth and i felt my jaw explode. after the pain subsided, i swallowed what i had in my mouth, but then felt something hard still in my mouth.
i immediately thought that the blender had chipped and i had a chunk of glass in my mouth. i carefully fished it out only to find that it was the back top half of my bum tooth, about half the size of my pinkie fingernail. i fished around in my mouth with my tongue to find a gaping hole where one of my molars used to be. it appeared that i had bit down on the seed right on the crack, placing enough pressure right on the crack, splitting it open.
i made an emergency appointment with my dentist (lucky i’m in la this week!) and was happy to find out that the tooth didn’t receive enough damage to warrant a root canal, but i need a complete crown for the tooth. the dentist numbed me up, took off the silver cap that was there, cleaned it up a bit and put a temporary crown on. i go back in next week to have the permanent crown put on.
sounds like bad news, but on the contrary, the old silver cap is being replaced with a brand new porcelain crown. no more silver when i open my mouth wide now!
yay for blackberry seeds, they make my smile pretty again!