it’s finally friday and what a week it’s been.
my renewed enthusiasm for accomplishing this project here hasn’t waned, and i’m busting my hump to get things done, but this week has been a killer. i’ve been playing salmon all week…swimming upstream all day long, only to die in the end. (warning, geekspeak ahead!) i spent all day tuesday working on the syntax for a bit of code that i had no documentation for, while waiting for the providing company to contact me with said documentation. wednesday was a highly productive day of writing triggers on the database, with lots of trial and error early on, but with a flurry of successes late in the day, only to be lost when i restored the live database over-top of the test database and then realizing that i’d written all the triggers on the test database. my dba just laughed, i could have cried.
so, i arrived at the office on thursday, ready for attack while i walked the marketing, sales and product support departments through yet another pilot. i began to set up in the conference room only to find out that the existing network connection there wasn’t functioning, and to make matters worse, my dba had decided to wait until that morning to load fresh customer data into the test database and he was having problems. my thoughts were racing and i was starting to get panicked about the pilot. i took a couple of minutes to relax and breathe. i went back into the conference room. by then the sys-admin for the company had the network connection running again, and my dba successfully completed his load of data after he found an error in one of his queries.
and then the sun came out. i walked the departments through the pilot to rave reviews. i was shocked at the positive response that i received on the functionality of the tools and efficiency with which the testers were able to perform their procedures. like i’ve said in the past, i’m proud of the work that i do, and i know that my work is solid, but after the week that i’ve had i was really pleased at such a positive response.
i’m looking forward to this weekend. mr. mountainbike is involved in some sort of conference and will be in chicago for the weekend, so there’s no real opportunity to try and see him. my roommates are both out of town again, so i actually have the house to myself. i’m planning on pampering myself and just relaxing. it’s been very hot here this past week, so i think i’ll spend some time at the beach, maybe relax with a bath or two, rent some movies, get myself a nice bottle of late harvest riesling and some salmon and spend some time scrap-booking.
it’ll be nice to give my nose a chance to heal…