so much for a sunny weekend and heading to the beach. oh, don’t get me wrong, it was a fabulous weekend, with plenty of relaxing, just like i wanted, only it was mostly cooped up in-doors, freaked out by the otherworldly orange glow outside.
i ran down at the beach on friday after leaving the office. clear skies, cool temperatures, low humidity. it had all the makings of a great fall weekend in california and i was excited about spending sunday after my long run relaxing on the sand. i headed home friday and picked up a bottle of gewürztraminer , some salmon and a couple movies and had the perfect me evening. i relaxed, cooked up some nice fish and even took a long soak in the tub. although, i realized that my tub isn’t the most comfortable for stretching out in. oh well, it was nice to soak all the same.
i was up early on saturday for my run, but was surprised to see billowing clouds of smoke everywhere. i typically don’t watch the news, but i was aware that there were fires in s. california, the closest being in camp pendleton. but this was smoke pouring in from the north. the air quality was too poor to try to run, plus, i could only imagine being sweaty from my run and covered with the falling ash. apparently the santa ana winds had been pushing the smoke from the simi valley fires and the claremont fires down into orange county.
so, for some indoor exercise, i headed over to see a friend that was moving back up to washington and spent the day helping her pack up her kitchen. as the day wore on, the sun grew more and more orange, casting a bizarre otherworldly glow. it looked almost…apocalyptical. saturday night rolled around and i invited another friend over to finish off the gewürztraminer and watch the new episodes of trading spaces.
sunday i was up early again hoping to get my long run in before the air quality got bad. the skies were clear where i live, but i figured that i’d try the beach, hoping that the air quality would be better down there. wrong. newport and huntington are right in the path of the santa ana winds and were thick with smoke and ash. i headed back up to mission viejo, hoping to still have clear skies and fresh air. yup. i ended up running the whole time watching the wall of smoke spread wider and wider, getting ever closer to where i was at. i finished up with the skies still clear, but completely exhausted due to pushing the pace while trying to finish before the smoke rolled in.
i drove back home, completely spent, popped in a dvd and then passed out on the couch. when i woke, i flipped on the news and watched the fire coverage. i had no idea how bad it actually was. i mean, yes, i knew it was bad if 50 miles away from the fires it’s raining ash everywhere. what i didn’t know was how many lives and homes had been lost, and that some of the more damaging ones were arson.
it’s tuesday morning now, and the sun, just peeking over saddleback mountain, is blood red. looks like another day in apocalyptical southern california. if you get a chance, say a prayer for the folks in the paths of these fires.