i woke up this morning to another grey day, only i can’t tell if it’s foggy outside or if it’s smoke. i haven’t seen the latest update on the fires, but i didn’t notice a large amount of ash on the car this morning. let’s pray that the humidity has risen and is giving some aid to the firefighters. these fires really have me spooked. where i’m at, i’m about half way between the fire near big bear and the san diego fires, so not in any real danger. what has me concerned is all the coastal hills covered with dry vegitation that surround our neighborhood. the news keeps talking about the laguna beach fire that tore through here a few years ago, and that doesn’t help calm frayed nerves any.
mr. mountainbike has been calling daily to check up on me. it’s really sweet, it’s like he’s panicked that he can’t be here to ‘protect’ me, as if hydro-engineer/mountainbiker could stop an advancing wall of flame. okay, that sounded cynical, but really, it’s very cute when he’s in his ‘protective’ mode.
last night we got on the topic of natural disasters. it seems like every area of the country has it’s share of natural disasters. flooding in the south, twisters in the midwest, hurricanes in the south and east, ice and snow storms in the northeast, etc. that said, we determined that california has to be the most dangerous place to live when it comes to natural disasters. earthquakes, wildfires and landslides have to put it on top. although, i argued that the midwest sees natural disasters more frequently than california. mr. mountainbike countered that when california sees natural disasters, they’re on a much more epic scale than the rest of the country. i guess folks that were in the path of one of the recent hurricanes might see it a different way though.
well, i’m hoping that the air clears soon. i have a race this weekend and i need to get a couple more training days in this week before saturday. wow, i hadn’t even thought about the air quality at the race. guess i’d better keep an eye on whether or not they cancel it. i had better keep my fingers crossed.