just a quick post before i head off to bed.
i got home from the office and started into my normal post-work routine. did my run, took a shower, got comfortable on the couch and started icing my shins and knees (purely preventive, i’m not hurt at all). so, i’m sitting on the couch, reading one of the twain books i picked up a couple days ago and the phone rings. turns out it’s mr. mountainbike. he asks what i’m up to, sorta coyly. i tell him that i’m relaxing on the couch, reading a book, icing my legs. he asks if i’m dressed, or in my ‘relax for the evening’ clothes. he’s leading me, and i can tell. i bite and ask him why. he then asks me if i want some company for the weekend.
see, i’m taking friday off and heading up the coast for a race on saturday. i’d planned on spending the night friday with some friends from seattle and going trick-or-treating with their two kids, running the race on saturday and then coming back saturday night. apparently, mr. mountainbike was going to fly down last weekend (his conference in chicago was a cover) but his flight down was canceled because of the smoke and fire conditions. he moved his flight to this weekend, which he felt worked out better since he could join me for my race.
so, i’m on the phone with him and he asks if i’d be willing to come pick him up at the airport. well, duh, yes! i was at the terminal within 15 minutes (john wayne airport is only about 10 miles up the freeway from here) and he was waiting for me at the curb. he insisted on getting to a hotel to drop off his stuff, but i told him i’d have none of that. i called back to my roommates and confirmed that he could crash on the couch. since i was driving, it was a done deal.
so, mr. mountainbike successfully surprised me again. and he doesn’t have miles to use like i do, so he actually purchased a ticket to come down. and now i have a cheering squad for the race, and a beautiful man sleeping on my couch…