my halloween mask
mr. mountainbike and i began our epic voyage up the coast friday afternoon. the weather was great when we left orange county, but little did we know of the feline and canine torrent that we would encounter. by the time we hit la, the clouds had thickened, and by the time we were in ventura, the skies had opened.
all your nissan belong to us
the traffic started backing up and we had the opportunity to play tag with another exterra. only i quickly came to the realization that we were in trouble when i spotted the ‘IPWNJOO’ license plate. all i could think of was slywolf from the neener forums and his ‘PWNED by traffic’ title. i couldn’t stop giggling for quite some time. eventually we got to where i could snap a shot of the vehicle. mr. mountainbike kept trying to figure out what the plate said, and i think i did a pretty lame job of trying to explain the origin of being ‘PWNED’ and ‘JOO’. oh well, we can’t all be geeks.
we made it safely to my seattle friend’s place, after a four hour trek up the coast. we had some dinner and then lesley and i decided to take the kids out trick-or-treating while the guys stayed behind and handed out candy. about 30 minutes into our walk, they skies opened up again and the four of us got completely soaked. the kids still wanted to keep going, so with in-adequate umbrellas, we forded the quickly forming rivers in the streets to provide the wee-ones with halloween treats. we finally got to the point where the four of us were so soaked that we had to call the boys to come and pick us up.
the finishline from the beach
the morning came pretty quick and we were welcomed with blue skies and a bright sun. perfect running weather. my race started at 8:00, so kevin decided to drop me down at the start and then come back for lesley and mr. mountainbike, who were going to run the 5k. their race didn’t start until 8:30 or somewhere around there, and i wanted to get down to the start with time to warm up. i put in an easy mile to loosen my muscles up and then spent some time stretching. i felt really good, and taking the breaks this past week because of all the smoke in the air really had my legs feeling fresh.
lesley and i after the race
my race started a little late, but it didn’t affect me much. i felt really good as we started out, and my pace felt strong, but not too fast. the first actual mile marker i saw was at 3 miles, and i checked my time and i was right on pace. i felt great. kevin and the kids met me at mile 6 to hand me a fresh bottle of energy drink. madison gave me the best bottle hand-off of all time. she was such a great little trooper, so intent on not dropping it.
lesley and i after the race
i finished very strong, and right at my target time, taking 4 full minutes off of my last half-marathon. it was the perfect day, with the perfect company and the perfect weather for a personal record. mr. mountainbike didn’t have a fancy sign made up this time, but he had the kids whipped up into a cheering frenzy as i crossed the finish line. hehe. madison rushed up to give me a hug, but immediately grossed out when she found out how sweaty i was. logan, on the other hand, could care less and quickly began imitating me as i poured water over my head to cool down.
mr. mountainbike and i after the race
both lesley and mr. mountainbike turned in their own personal records too. lesley finally got her first sub-30 5k, which was a great cause for celebration. mr. mountainbike hadn’t run a race in a couple years, and he said he’d forgotten just how much fun racing is. i think i’ve given him the racing bug. maybe i can get him to start joining me on more of the shorter races. we headed down the beach after we all cooled down and ate breakfast on the shore. lesley and i had time to chat while the boys took the kids down to the playground.
mr. mountainbike and i after the race
it was the first time that i’d had to actually talk to a good friend about mr. mountainbike. lesley really liked him. he was getting on very well with the kids, and they immediately took to him. he had taken to calling madison, madisonasaurus and logan, loganzilla. this was also the first time that i’d spent a lengthy time with other friends and mr. mountainbike, and it’s not just me that he’s a prince to. he was doing the dishes, helping pick up toys, playing with the kids…ugh…dare i say it…he was being a perfect husband/father. at least, that’s what lesley said. i won’t go there…yet.
we stayed another night with lesley and kevin and headed back down to orange county early this morning. again, we were treated with a beautiful morning, but this time, absolutely no traffic as we drove back. it was tough taking mr. mountainbike back to the airport tonight. i think it will be thanksgiving before we can realistically see each other again.
well, i’m wiped out after the weekend. i think i’ll turn in early in preparation for another wild week at the office.