i have a bag of puppets under my desk.
growing up, i learned a fun tradition, actually, more of a game than a tradition. english custom, if i’m not mistaken, was to repeat ‘rabbit’ three times before bed on the last night of each month, and the following morning to great the new month with a triple chant of ‘hare’. well, my father must have modified it a bit, as he taught us to shout ‘hase, hase, hase’ to the sky on the first morning of each month.
well, it became a fun challenge for us kids to be the first one outside on the new month to shout ‘hase’ at the sky. when i moved away from home, it became a new tradition for us, as a family, to call ‘rabbit’ each other at the start of each month. friends would ask what i was doing, as some of the ‘rabbiting’ took on creative forms (crafts, websites, photos), so i began recruiting friends and co-workers to play the game.
flash forward a few years and i’m living in la with a couple roommates. one of them has a niece and a nephew that would come over often. well, i used to spend my saturday mornings going to garage sales (before running consumed my life). each time i would go, i would try to find simple toys for the children. i began also looking for hand puppets for them to play with. one of the puppets i ended up finding was a nice little rabbit puppet.
with that background set, my co-workers at my current contract all quickly took to the ‘rabbit’ game. everyone sets reminders so they don’t forget, and the first day of the month the office is alive with people ‘rabbiting’ each other and generally having a good time. i’ve been ‘rabbited’ several times, but i usually get the better of most folks. not one to be bland in the fashion by which i ‘rabbit’ people, i decided to bring my rabbit puppet to work and use that one month.
the day i decided to bring it, i was running a little late and rather than fish around for the right puppet, i just grabbed the bag that had them all. the rabbit puppet was a huge success in helping me ‘rabbit’ people. when a silly mood strikes me, i’ll often pull out one of the other puppets and annoy some of my co-workers with some silly skit. the puppets have become a fun staple of office life over the past year, and they’ve found more use here in the office than at home with my roommate’s niece and nephew.
that, is the story of how i came to have a bag of puppets under my desk.