the past few evenings have had me yearning for some sort of neoprene pouch that i can carry my camera in while running.
tuesday i headed down to the beach for my evening run. i had the sun at my back for the first half of the run, so i didn’t see what was developing behind me. when i reached the turn around spot on the boardwalk, i was greeted by an amazing sunset in action. storm clouds had been moving in across the sea, but the sun was still completely visible on the horizon. as it dipped lower and lower toward the sea, it began painting the bottoms of the clouds with all sorts of reds, pinks and purples. the entire return trip of the run was a wonderful treat in the visual epitome of sunsets. it was funny to see the number of people that had come out of their homes to watch as well. the boardwalk was lined with camera toting folks trying to capture natures beauty.
last night i did a hill workout near my house and as i ran mostly below the ridgelines, the sun was hidden from view. huge cumulonimbus clouds had been moving into the area. only their tops were visible over the hills and with the last light of the sun backlighting them, the sky looked just like a maxfield parrish painting. as the sun began to set and the colours on the clouds started changing, to the north, larger cells of clouds began to dump on the la area. low light, dark clouds, and rich reds and pinks created an otherworldly setting. the stronger cells to the north began letting loose with violent lightening, throwing bright flashes of electric blue light into the mix. nothing is more amazing than huge towering storm cells at sunset; violent red monoliths dropping light enhanced rain on the city below. absolutely amazing.
being a lover of clouds and the depth they give to the sky, i was so disappointed that i didn’t have a camera with me to capture those amazing images. someone please create a neoprene, bounce proof, waterproof camera carrying case and i’ll by stock in your company.