guys are pigs.
oh, i know they’re good for something, but there’s a re-occurring theme with men. they like boobies. i’m not talking about the blatant gawking of the social neanderthals, but more the covert staring of the average joe. yes, i see your sideways looks, trying to be sly and sneak a peek. we’ve got your number, and we log it away for permanent reference. i don’t catch every guy i meet looking, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t. it’s something that we accept, and it usually doesn’t bother us, like rain off of a duck’s back.
it’s easier to notice it when i run with a friend, because then there’s two of us and one of us is being oggled while the other is able to see where he’s looking. but yesterday, i went on a long run solo and decided to perform a little test to occupy myself. i wanted to see what the ratio was of guys that would try to ‘sneak a peek’.
i put on my sunglasses and decided to do a little covert staring myself. as i approached a guy, i would shift my head to make it appear that i was looking away from him, while looking sideways to see where he was looking. any guesses on how the guys fared? hehe well, i encountered 72 guys during my run yesterday, and 71 failed the test. the only guy that didn’t was pushing a stroller with his infant son and walking with his wife. whether he was afraid to look with his wife there or not, i guess we’ll never know. at first it was funny how consistent it was. after the guy would pass, i’d have to stifle a chuckle. after about a dozen in a row, it started to get weird. by the time i finished my run, i was really upset and mad.
now, to be fair, i started out my run with a long sleeve shirt on, but about an hour into the run i had stripped down to just my sleeveless moving comfort jog bra top. the funny thing is that almost every guy would react the same way. they’d start by doing a complete body scan from a distance. as we got closer, he’d watch my head, trying to determine where i was looking, making quick glances down toward my chest. when he seemed confident that i was looking away, the last couple seconds were all out staring at my breast.
it was the same, no matter the age of the guy. at first, i wasn’t going to count boys (when i say boys, i mean teens, not elementary age – that’s just gross) or older men, but when i realized they were all reacting the same way, how could i in good conscious, exclude them from the study? i mean, are they not male as well?
so, they all reacted the same. does that make them pigs, or is it just how guys are wired and they can’t help themselves. i’d give them the benefit of the doubt if it wasn’t for them looking at my head first in an obvious attempt to determine if i’d catch them looking or not. i mean, the only reason they’d do that is if they knew it was wrong. but again, wrong in what sense? in the sense that they wouldn’t want to offend the girl being ogled? in the sense that they wouldn’t want to get caught and embarrassed? if it’s something that is almost involuntary, like a sneeze or blinking, why hasn’t it evolved into social norm for guys to look at our boobies without fear of repercussion?
i think it’s just weird that if, to a man, guys can’t help but look at breasts, there is still such a huge taboo associated with it. not that i would agree that that aspect of social interaction should change…