men are wonderful.
oh, i know they can be neanderthals and morons at times, but hey, they’re good for getting things off the high shelf, squishing ugly bugs and lifting heavy items. i honestly enjoy their company, whether they’re staring at my boobies or not.
okay, that’s not giving them the fare shake that they deserve. well, take my father for example. my dad always knows how to make me feel like his little girl. he always treats me to ice cream, and that’s our intimate bond. dad knows how to calm me down when i’m frantic over something. dad exudes protection. he plays the role of the great protector. dad has taught me confidence in myself and integrity with others. and on a surface level, i learned intimacy watching he and my mother interact. so, men can play the father figure role.
then there’s my brother, my partner in crime, my nemesis, my protector. marcel was the perfect catalyst for encouraging trouble and pushing me outside of my comfort zone. he was the bane of my existence as a youth, and taught me patience. a bully at school that i didn’t want dad to know about? marcel was right there to make sure my pig-tails didn’t get pulled. to this day, he is a great sounding board, with support when i need it, and logic when i’m lacking it. he is fantastic man in the role of a brother.
there are men like kwip, who shows amazing love for his wife and humor without bounds. his writing has given me hours of belly-laughing and taught me the joy of sarcasm and self-deprecation. he constantly shows a lust for life that is inspiring. he is a wonderful man in the role of a husband and comedian.
then there’s the role of lover. rough at times, tender and giving at others, men fit us perfectly. the firmness of a bicep, the curve of an ass in a nice pair of jeans, the heady scent of his skin, they all drive arousal like nothing else can.
oh, and one of the most wonderful roles a man can play, a partner. mr. mountainbike, for example, is my hero. he provides me with encouragement and is my loudest cheerleader. he is my willing companion on adventures. he seeks to join me as we walk through life. he is the father, brother, comedian and lover, all in one. his holding of my hand, his knowing gaze, his warm smile, those are all i need to know that taking on the world is not out of the question. he plays the perfect role of partner.
men, while they have their negative qualities, are as gems or a rare gift, to us women. they offer protection, companionship, intimacy and humor. i, for one, would be lost without them. so, for my boobie comments, i apologize and hope that you men see your true wealth.