hmm…i’m not sure how it happened.
i woke up exhausted this morning and dragged myself through my morning routine. dressed and still bleary-eyed, i left the house to drive into the office. the trip up the freeway was a haze of signal-less mergers and talk radio. at some point, as i filled my jug of water and headed to my desk, my mood switched. i sat down in front of the monitor and donned my headphones, ready for a day of jumping through database hoops.
the lilting, ethereal melodies of the cocteau twins greeted me. and my ears were offended. don’t get me wrong, i love them, and based on my mood earlier, they seemed appropriate for today’s soundtrack. ms. frazer has an amazingly soothing voice and i could drown in her syrupy vocals all day. but somehow, cocteau twins didn’t sound right. so i browsed through the library and something else caught my eye and seemed more appropriate.
it was like i had an itch and someone came and scratched it for me. like i was craving peanut butter and banana sandwiches and the local deli finally put it on the menu. the raucous hijinks of killing joke just seemed so much more appropriate somehow. so now the driving tribal wall of noise that is killing joke is fueling my day.
see, i’m a musical gal. i code all day long with headphones on, i run with an mp3 player, i listen to music in the car and the mp3 jukebox is almost always running when i’m home. i live with a constant soundtrack. feeling geeky? i put on some gary numan. feeling retrospective? dead can dance or thethe. feeling feisty? foo figthers, rage or the b52’s. amorous? lisa gerrard, billie holiday or van morrisson. music fuels my life.
i love too, that when i listen to a certain track, it can instantly take me back to a place in time. ‘thank you’ by led zeppelin takes me back to silopi, turkey 1991. ‘cinnamon girl’ by neil young puts me in my first apartment here in the states, sitting on the couch, incense burning on a bright spring day. ‘never tear us apart’ by inxs and i’m instantly back in my room in lasne after a crushing break-up with sweet richard. ‘orpheus’ by david sylvian has me in that same room after a break-up with equally sweet alexandre. hehe…seems like quite a few songs remind me of the loves of my life.
i wonder what song will be the title track for mr. mountainbike…