i was treated to an early thanksgiving dinner yesterday.
a couple i know here invited me over to try out some new thanksgiving recipes that they wanted to test. i don’t know whether to be glad for the invitation or insulted, as they said they wouldn’t be anxious if i was the one trying out the meal. haha
so i showed up at their place around 1pm, bottle of martinelli’s in hand. the two of them saw me drive up to their appt. complex and they waited outside, hand in hand, until i got up to the door. they’re such a cute couple! (married six months now). i was floored by the amazing aroma as i walked into their place.
i was also surprised to find out that it was the guy of the couple that was doing the cooking. apparently he’s originally from texas and spent quite a bit of time in north carolina as well. so, the dishes that he was cooking up aren’t the traditional thanksgiving fare that i’m used to. i took a quick peek at the turkey and noticed that it had a couple full bell peppers and apple slices stuffed in it. i was in for an interesting dinner.
we sat down and he started bringing out the dishes. turkey, juicy and smelling fabulously. corn bread dressing, light and flavorful – not that bread pudding consistency of the breadcrumb stuffing that i usually end up having. fried okra, nice and crisp, not slimy like most people make it. and to top it all off, collard greens stewed with ham flavoring. oh lord. i was in fried southern food heaven. okay, granted, i was starving after my long run in the morning, but even so, this cooking was the best southern i’d ever had. the turkey was amazingly juicy and had little tastes of sweet from the apple and pepper. oh, it was fantastic. the okra was the best i’d ever had and the greens were equally as good.
we spent about 4 hours just talking and eating. the couple are both clinical psychologists, with her running a group home for girls, and he a case manager for foster children. the topics ran from homosexual tendencies of young boys with overbearing mothers and distant fathers, to whether or not sting is a christian. yeah, we were all over the spectrum, but the fun thing just hanging out and be social. this is really the first ‘holiday’ event that i’ve been too, and now it’s got my taste buds all whetted for more.
yeah, the holidays can be rough for some, but for me, i thrive on the social aspect of the holidays. catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, chatting to the early hours of the morning, getting sleepy on too much turkey…
oh boy, christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat!