well, i’m joining the masses in traveling on the day before thanksgiving. i’m heading up to seattle for the first time in over a month. i haven’t seen mr. mountainbike since the santa barbara race, although we talk daily. it’ll be wonderful to spend more time with him. he has some holiday festivities planned for us this weekend, so it should be a great time. i think there might even be parents and relatives involved.
thanksgiving. it’s usually pre-christmas for most folks, but i like to truly take time to think about the event. it’s time to ignore the media hype of the holidays and really sit down and rejoice for the many things we have to be thankful for. so i thought i’d write a bit about the things that i have reason to rejoice.
i’m thankful for my saucony hurricane running shoes. after years of trying to get a good pair of running shoes that didn’t cause blisters, saucony finally came through with a model that i can reliably just walk into a store and grab a replacement pair without fear of them giving me problems.
i’m thankful for the way that vaseline removes eye makeup without needing to scrub with harsh soap.
i’m thankful that i get carded often when i go to purchase alcohol. along this same vein, i’m thankful that most folks guess ten years under my current age when trying to determine how old i am.
i’m thankful for cooler weather.
i’m thankful for the way granite glows pink at altitude when the sun sets. for the awesome wonder being above the tree line inspires.
i’m thankful for those strangers that provide camaraderie at mile 20 when you feel like stopping. i’m thankful for the amazing chemical engineering that goes into GU and the result it has on my weary muscles.
i’m thankful for rainy days when i can curl up on the couch with a paperback and finish it in one day. when the sun sets and it feels like it just rose and you have to turn on a lamp because of the waning light.
i’m thankful for my health. i’m overjoyed on a daily basis that i don’t have to deal with chronic pain, depression or obesity; the nemesis of our society.
i’m thankful for a savior who died for my sins and has saved me through his grace.
i’m thankful that when my head hits the pillow at night, i’m out until the alarm goes off in the morning.
i’m thankful for the way a slug will gurgle when you pour salt on it.
i’m thankful for neighbors with a smoker who bring me freshly smoked salmon whenever they make a batch. i’m thankful also that those same neighbors enjoy german wines, so when i come over with a bottle of something i like, it’s something i know they’ll like as well.
i’m thankful for a partner that heaps attention upon me. for his thoughtful nature and adventurous spirit. for his including me in mundane things he likes to do as well as the epic. for his disarming smile and comforting eyes. for his strong embrace.
i’m thankful for parents that are still wed. for their undying love for each other and the amazing example that they continually set, year after year, trial after trial. for the love that they unconditionally pour onto each of us kids.
i’m thankful for long toes with which i can pick up small objects.
i’m thankful for the spices of life and the little surprises that come along every day. a neighbor that takes the time to stop and talk instead of diving into her house as soon as she parks her car. the amazing sunsets that i am treated to each evening when i drive home. knowing the perfect setting on the temperature control in my car. the occasional faulty towers marathon on some odd cable channel that i just happen to stumble across on days when i have nothing going on.
oh, sure, i could go on for ages. life is full of wonderful things to be thankful for and i count it all joy that i could write novels of them. i look forward to another year of things to focus on and give thanks for.