you can really find out quite a bit about a guy by the way he interacts with his family. this thanksgiving was an amazing showcase of how close mr. mountainbike is with his family and just how much they love him. it was warm and sweet and one of the best holidays i’ve ever experienced.
it started out with mr. mountainbike picking me up from seatac (no security escort at the arrival gate this time…awww), with a smile on his face, despite the fact that my flight was nearly two hours late. oh, it was so good to see him again. exactly as i remembered, huge smile, warm embrace, joy in his eyes. i could get used to coming home to this guy. hehe
i was pretty wiped out and still had to get a hill run in, so i had him drop me at my place and i went for a crazy run up squawk mt behind my place. i got home, showered and then crashed. with as much as i had on my mind, i was amazed at how well i slept. i was out until the alarm went off thursday morning. i love how running like that will ensure a solid night’s rest.
mr. mountainbike showed up at my place bright and early on thursday and we headed to his parents house in everett for the day’s festivities. it turns out that his mother has four sisters, three of which showed up with a good number of their kids and grandkids. he has two sisters, which both brought and handful of kids too. i think the adults were outnumbered easily by the little ones. mr. mountainbike made the quick introductions and then made a beeline for the kids. he proceeded to chase them around the house and get them completely whipped up into a frenzy of laughter that i have, until today, never witnessed before.
while mr. mountainbike entertained the kids, i asked his mom if there was anything i could do to help and amazingly she asked me if i could make the gravy. now, i’m a good cook, but gravy is a tough one to manage. i think it may have been her way of testing me, or she may just be very comfortable with other people in her kitchen, i’m not sure. but fortunately, my gravy turned out successful. the neat thing was that i got to get to know his mom and sisters while helping cook. apparently, he is always the entertainment for the kids, which the adults enjoy, since it gives them all a chance to talk, knowing that the kids are being ‘looked after’.
i got to hear some interesting stories about him, like the poop art story and the wheat germ story. some fun ones that i’ll tuck away for later. i’ll bring them up when we’re having dinner with his boss or the mayor. hehe his sisters are both gorgeous. they’re both married, but only one of the husbands was able to come. the absent one is a surgeon in tulsa, and i think the other one is a pilot for a major airlines. anyway, i spent a good deal of time talking with them, finding out what they enjoy doing. they’re both very interested in stamping, so we talked a bit about scrap booking and they showed me some of their samples.
the meal was absolutely fabulous (and the gravy only made it better). juicy turkey, a very interesting zucchini dish, green bean casserole, and my favorite, garlic mashed potatoes. after we had gorged ourselves, the family gathered around and spent some time sharing what they were thankful for and reading scripture. it was an incredible family moment. by the end, we were all crying (me too, and i didn’t even known any of these people!). mr. mountainbike said some wonderful things about his parents, about being thankful for their many years of showing love for each other and the example they set for he and his sisters. it sounded very much like how i worded my comments about my parents.
we stayed late chatting with the family, and one by one, they all started to head out. we were there until it was just he and his sisters left. the drive back home was very quiet. i could tell that he was thinking about the night. we talked a little bit about how he cherishes those moments of affirmation. he’s very close with his grandfather, who looked like he was having a hard time getting around with a cane. he talked about how he really wants his parents and grandparents to know just what a great example they have set. it makes you really view the frailty of life and make you want to make sure that those that you love and that have had an influence on your life are aware of those things.
mr. mountainbike and i haven’t had a chance to talk much yet. i have my first 20 mile run of this training cycle on sunday and he’s agreed to ride it with me. i’m looking forward to talking with him about where exactly we want this relationship to go. i’ve had plenty of time to think about it over the past few weeks and i think i have the courage to bring up the topic.
so, here’s to a great end to a wonderful weekend. it’ll be hard to run with all fingers and toes crossed…