it took several years, but i’m finally hooked on ‘sex in the city’. i remember when it first came out, i tried to watch an episode of it and was so dis-interested that i shut it off after a few minutes. then it started winning awards and ending up all over the media, so i tried it again and forced myself to watch an entire show. disgusted by the language and sexual situations (duh, look at the name of the show), i vowed not to watch it again.
just recently, we decided to get digital cable in our place (mainly so i could watch the aussies dominate in the tour de france this past year), but my roommates talked me into getting hbo as well. so, for the past few months, what show happens to be on when i get home from work? yup, you guessed it, ‘sex in the city’.
as a result, i’ve been piecing together from jumbled episodes, what’s been going on in the lives of these four girls over the past few years. some of the episodes i’ve been able to identify with and there’s been some great writing and insight, but honestly, for the most part, the episodes are highly offensive to me. now, i’m not a prude, but i’ve never subjected myself to people who are overt in their usage of foul language. and i’ve never discussed, nor participated in sex like they do on the show. but remove all of the offensive behavior and language, and the acting itself along with the plots and writing, and the show is pretty good.
what has shocked me most though, is just how promiscuous they make these girls out to be. do i lead a sheltered life, or are the rest of the girls my age as equally reckless with their bodies and emotions? i mean, i have the customary one friend that sleeps around quite a bit and everyone in my circle of friends is concerned about her, but it’s not every single friend that i spend time with that is participating in activities like that. sex on camera? sex in a swing? sex with a hassidic jewish painter? is this for real, or completely embellished for television? if this is how women of new york conduct themselves, i’ll opt for the iowa farm life instead.
but then they go and add john corbett. for fans of northern exposure, you know what i’m talking about. kbear, 540 am, chris in the morning. oh, what a hottie. see, carrie bradshaw, the main character is involved with aidan (john). john corbett always ends up playing those great roles of the passionate, soulful guy. the philosopher, artist, lover that you could take home to mom. so seeing john in the show was an immediate hook for me. his character has brought out some great plot lines and amazing acting on sarah jessica parker’s behalf.
last night, i caught the episodes where carrie’s affair with big comes to a head and she breaks it off after a bizarre situation where she is caught in big’s apartment by his wife, his wife falls and loses a tooth, so she accompanies her to the emergency room. as charlotte’s wedding plans progress, carrie ends up telling aidan about the affair, and in true john corbett fashion, he leaves her to work through the emotions on his own. aidan comes back at the end of the wedding and tells carrie that he can’t handle the news and in one of the most heart wrenching scenes in recent television history breaks off the relationship.
oh, i’m such a sap. i cried. i can’t stand television drama and i usually laugh at this type of stuff, since i know it’s all in the script and no where near a real representation of life. but this scene was just plain amazing. the writers didn’t let the happy fairytale ending happen, carrie was crushed and played it so well, and aidan was equally destroyed and john played the part to a t.
where am i going with all of this? oh, i don’t know. i guess i just wanted to confess that i’m a ‘sex in the city’ junkie now, and that it made me cry. the first step to breaking an addiction is admitting you’re and addict, right?