ugh…it’s been over a week since my last entry and it seems just like yesterday. i’ve wanted to write about so many different things, but i don’t feel like i’ve even had a moment to breathe. christmas blues, saddam’s capture, charlie brown’s christmas tree, so much blogging inspiration, so little time!
my third and final pilot of my project went very well last week, and it looks like i’ll be able to roll it out after the first of the year. the company has agreed to extend my contract until the end of january for support purposes through the first month of post implementation. funny how their view of the project has changed from a couple months ago. as the users began testing things and seeing just how much it improved their processes they began to get excited and chirp enthusiastically to their managers, who in turn bubble exhubantly to the directors, who ultimately saw the wisdom in letting me complete the project.
that being said, i can’t see a moment of free time between now and jan 5th. i still haven’t been to the store to do any christmas shopping, what with spending every free minute either working on the project or training for my january race. i’d really like to head up to washington for the holidays, but it doesn’t look like i’ll have time. it looks like i’ll end up missing christmas with mr. mountainbike and his family. of course, i wouldn’t put it past him to show up on my doorstep on the 24th.
missing the holidays though isn’t that big of a downer for me. i’m thinking of heading home to visit the family after my contract is up in january. i haven’t told my parents yet, as they’d flip out and hold me to a date. it would be nice to get to experience some real winter again for a change. we’ll see if i have enough miles for a free trip.
well, that’s all i have time for now. gotta get the nose back to the grindstone. anyone interested in doing my shopping for me if i posted my list of presents to buy?