wow, almost a month since i’ve taken the time to relax and reflect.
so, i missed updating about the holidays, or lack thereof. i missed gushing over mr. mountainbike and his visit for christmas. i missed writing about the gifts he got for me (no, no ring yet). i missed going off the deep end with stress over the project as the ‘go-live’ date got closer. i missed the project roll-out and great performance of the software. i missed photos of my insanely blistered feet after my marathon and i missed boasting about my first sub-4 hour race success.
i sure missed alot.
what to look forward to? my trip home at the end of the month, the posibility of moving back up to seattle permanently, and some much needed time off up in seattle. but for now, it’s head down and straight ahead until my flight out to brussels.
so much work, so little time…