one of the things that i’m trying to wrap my head around and get comfortable with is the amount of yard work that i now have to do in order to keep the lot looking presentable.  currently, one of the sprinkler stations has a problem, so the automatic sprinklers are turned off.  so, that leaves it up to me to do the mowing, edging, weeding, watering and trimming.  i’m sure there are other things that i’ll discover i need to do as well, but for now, that’s a pretty hefty list for me.

when i bought the place, i had budgeted money for the flooring, the lighting, the paint…you know, all the big expenses and interior stuff.  but, as i realized that the grass was getting long, i remembered that i’d need to buy a mower too.  so, off to the hardware store with me and i pick up a mower.  i get home, assemble the thing and then realize, oh, i need a gas can.  and gas.  off i go again, and after a wee bit i’m all sorted and ready to mow the lawn.  well, once the lawn is mowed, i realize that the mower doesn’t handle the grass growing over the sidewalk.  so, another purchase of an edger needs to be made.  see where this is going?  all told, i spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 400-500 usd on gardening items.  who knew it’d be so expensive?!?  and that doesn’t include the fertilizer and seed i’ll need to get to revive areas of the lawn that are in distress.

oh, did i mention that i plan on putting in a retaining wall, planting privacy trees and then setting up a garden?  and just where is this time going to come from?  haha…it is a fun balance to try to strike, though.  spending hours and hours running, come home, shower and then do yard work…that seems like it’ll be the bulk of my weekends going forward.  but there’s something very different and soothing about doing yardwork.  i have lots of time out on the trails to think and process and unwind, but this is different.  i think i find myself letting my mind wander even more deeply than i do when running.  maybe it is the lack of stress being placed on the body that lets me detach from the present.  i’m not sure what it is, but it is time that i enjoy spending in that place.

the only drawback, though, is that my nicely painted nails are now destroyed.  oh well, i’m not too keen on girly nails anyway.